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Museum of Modern Art

Modern art museums can depend a lot on the current exhibitions and how you generally feel about the museum anyway. Some people will always hate them and some people will always love them and say really random crazy sounding things about the art as to what they are getting from it. Other people, like myself, can look at one thing and not feel anything and wonder why someone considered that art, look at something else and wonder what happened in a persons life to make them so dark, look at something else and think it is a great drawing or photo but not necessary modern art, look at something else and love or hate the political implications.  I had all these feelings at the Busan Museum of Modern Art. And saw some stuff that did look like modern art to me (as opposed to the stuff that is just a pile of something and someone just tagged the word art onto it)–but I’m not posting those pictures here.

See below for photos of certain ones under headings (similar to above) of how I feel about them. First though, there were some papers that laid out Korean history, starting in the 1950s (in the basement) and starting in 2002 on the 3rd floor. They covered North Korea, politics, changes in population, education, feelings toward foreigners, technology and media and below are some of the ones I thought were the most interesting.




















































Those most relevant to foreigners….















The one below was darker than anything else because of the track that was playing over and over again: the Reindeer got hit by a car playing in a few different languages

Good photo or painting, but modern?



At BEXCO there was an International Gift and Household Fair from 11/22 to 11/25. I was given an invitation and told that it the invitation made it free, but it was free for everyone! Again, the ‘international’ part of the name is a bit misleading, as there was not a lot of non-Korean things.

There were a lot of handmade things.

Some jewelry…

There was a lot of household improvement items.

Some art work that was for sale.

And then some just plain random things. Some of these I’m not even sure what they are for or what they mean.

And, of course, relaxation things. It is Korea!

Overall, I would say don’t go unless you need to buy gifts. I had already bought mine for this year so I didn’t have to get anything for anyone. Could have bought stuff for myself, but I bought enough of that recently and everything I wanted here was expensive.


Thanksgiving time! In Korea! I went to the US Seamen’s Club with a few friends.

It was a buffet which if never great, but it was pretty good! Everything needed salt and pepper but that seems standard for buffet. They had ranch dressing for the salad, pumpkin pie, apple pie, cool whip, corn bread, gravy, chowder, mashed potatoes, chopped and baked sweet potatoes, creamed green beans, dressing (stuffing that was never in the bird but had sausage in it) ham and turkey.


Not eating the ham, turkey or dressing the worst part was the sweet potatoes—if they did not have the skin on them, they were just mush. The best part was the apple pie—that really tasted like everything was done by someone who knew what they were doing!

Headed to Busan Tower during the day (hadn’t been there at that time yet) and there is an amazing view of the port and the mountains. Makes me feel like I have to much more to see in Busan.

There were some messy pidgins.

And the now-seeming-standard locks and heart shaped metal.

When you get down to their shop, you walk outside and can go into the Museum of Musical Instruments which has A LOT inside, given it’s small space, but not a lot of labeing. I was looking around a few times trying to figure out what things were to no avail. Mostly drums and pipes.

Going halfway down the next set of stairs you can go into the World Modelship Exhibition Hall which is only 1,000 KRW. It’s pretty small inside here, but they seem to pack in even more than the Musical Instruments Museum.

Two Titanics which is a bit odd, but Norway and Japan are represented as well.

There is a model of an American ship below a photo of Doko, so I’m sure if they think we are protecting the islands or what was going on there…

Finally, across from that is an art exhibition which was one of the more beautiful I’ve ever been to (including museums). I believe the theme was Harmony and Smart, given these two pictures.

I only ever take pictures of art that I like (or if it looks insane) and in here I only skipped 2 or 3 pieces. Below are my favorites. This was free!

Who knew people wore chains on their boots?!?

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