Headed to Busan Tower during the day (hadn’t been there at that time yet) and there is an amazing view of the port and the mountains. Makes me feel like I have to much more to see in Busan.

There were some messy pidgins.

And the now-seeming-standard locks and heart shaped metal.

When you get down to their shop, you walk outside and can go into the Museum of Musical Instruments which has A LOT inside, given it’s small space, but not a lot of labeing. I was looking around a few times trying to figure out what things were to no avail. Mostly drums and pipes.

Going halfway down the next set of stairs you can go into the World Modelship Exhibition Hall which is only 1,000 KRW. It’s pretty small inside here, but they seem to pack in even more than the Musical Instruments Museum.

Two Titanics which is a bit odd, but Norway and Japan are represented as well.

There is a model of an American ship below a photo of Doko, so I’m sure if they think we are protecting the islands or what was going on there…

Finally, across from that is an art exhibition which was one of the more beautiful I’ve ever been to (including museums). I believe the theme was Harmony and Smart, given these two pictures.

I only ever take pictures of art that I like (or if it looks insane) and in here I only skipped 2 or 3 pieces. Below are my favorites. This was free!

Who knew people wore chains on their boots?!?