At BEXCO there was an International Gift and Household Fair from 11/22 to 11/25. I was given an invitation and told that it the invitation made it free, but it was free for everyone! Again, the ‘international’ part of the name is a bit misleading, as there was not a lot of non-Korean things.

There were a lot of handmade things.

Some jewelry…

There was a lot of household improvement items.

Some art work that was for sale.

And then some just plain random things. Some of these I’m not even sure what they are for or what they mean.

And, of course, relaxation things. It is Korea!

Overall, I would say don’t go unless you need to buy gifts. I had already bought mine for this year so I didn’t have to get anything for anyone. Could have bought stuff for myself, but I bought enough of that recently and everything I wanted here was expensive.