Walking around I saw the Institute of Traditional Korean food–I must try this place out next time I come up if they are open on weekends! I saw nearly everything Seoul has to offer and there are only a few places I want to go to again so this is close to the top of my list!

Everland and Seoul 448

I also found Insa-dong, which was not as exciting as I thought it would be.

Everland and Seoul 449Everland and Seoul 450












I found Myeong-dong to me much more exciting for shopping (and probably getting robbed as there are so many people–at least there were 2 days before Christmas!)

Seoul 2 038I also walked past Jongno Tower which is a beautiful display of modern architecture.

Everland and Seoul 454Oh hey look–the US embassy has a billion air conditioners and a billion guards.

Everland and Seoul 476

Outside of the Seoul Museum of History was this display…not sure what it is for but was pretty sad looking.

Everland and Seoul 702

I walked down Jeongdong-gil, which was a street that was recommended for a stroll.

Everland and Seoul 708

Seoul set up ice skating in the City Hall area.

Seoul 2 025

There was also a parade of red and green balloons.

Seoul 2 027

The ‘R’ building?

Seoul 2 028

A walk down Cheonggyecheon-ro river is not as beautiful as I expected, forgetting that it is winter.

Seoul 2 150

Another interesting building. I couldn’t decide if it was a letter or not and, if so, if it was an M or N or…

Seoul 2 196

Cheonggye Plaza

Seoul 2 211

Crossing Banpodaegyo Bridge

Seoul 2 226 Seoul 2 228 Seoul 2 229 Seoul 2 235

Spaceship building!

Seoul 2 240

And some more odd buildings in the Lotte Duty Free-COEX-7 Luck Casino area

Seoul 2 322 Seoul 2 323

And, of course, required Dokdo signs.

Seoul 2 203