Everland and Seoul 718

From December 12 2012 to April 14 2013 there is a Tim Burton Exhibition going on in the Seoul Museum of Art. I would say go on a week day or during the morning because when I came at about 3 on a Sunday this is what I saw…

Everland and Seoul 719…and it went back a bit further, but I wanted to get the arrow-circle thing in the picture. After paying 12,000 for a ticket, I had to wait inside for about 20 minutes. then get into another line at the top of the stairs to go in though his mouth:

Everland and Seoul 723and then there were about a million people who pushed me though even though I was trying to watch a video but if you stop then everyone must stop and apparently going around you is a no-no. Once I started to see things I had already seen (from bonus features on DVDs) I was skipping over groups of people and getting odd looks. Oh well…(said like Jack Skellington). For the most part you are not allowed to take pictures but I sneaked a few

Everland and Seoul 724 Everland and Seoul 726 Everland and Seoul 727Many of the drawings I had already seen, as stated, in DVD bonus features. So, if you’ve seen one or two of those from Tim Burton movie DVDs then you might want to skip the attraction. For all the pushing, not being allowed to take pictures, the sheer number of people, the number of those people who had no idea why they were there, and stuff I had already seen I wish I had skipped it.

There was one thing at the end that I quite enjoyed:Everland and Seoul 733