I did A LOT in Seoul. And I mean a lot. I was there for all of Sunday and most of Monday and even on Wednesday my feet still hurt from muscles I pulled in both of them with all the walking I did. According to my phone I walked over 50km. I think it’s wrong, then I move my foot the wrong way…and I’m not sure. Anyway, I didn’t want to do one MASSIVE post, so see below for the compartmentalized posts:

The 5 Palaces

Seoul Museum of History

Seoul Museum of Art: Tim Burton

North Seoul Tower

Jongmyo Shrine and Bongeunsa

Traditional Buildings

The Inbetweens of tourist attractions and the smaller attractions

I can’t wait to go back and see the things I didn’t get to and go back to the things I loved during a different time of the year or a different time of day. Maybe I won’t near lose a finger or toe to frostbite then!