The story:
Last night, I got into a cab and said for him to take me home. He took me to the police station.
They took my wallet and gave it back without my ARC (alien residency card). Then, they yelled at me for not having my ARC. After 30-45 minutes, they said sorry and gave it back, because it fell on their floor behind the desk.
Then they paid for the rest of my cab home.

I’m starting to think that the cab driver just really didn’t know where I wanted to go (it’s possible, I live in the middle of nowhere) and I didn’t have my phone so they took me to the police to figure it out? Who then lost my ARC which would have told them where I lived and yelled at me for not having it. Then felt bad for causing the problem and paid for the second part of the cab ride? Maybe…

The cab driver could have just been taking advantage of me because I had been drinking–but then why take me to the police?

Or…the driver thought I would not pay him (not sure why, other than the ATMS would have been not  working) so he took me to the police? That one kind of makes sense too, because he kept talking about money. I did have enough though, he could have told me the amount and I would have paid him…but we were not at my place so why do that?

I just have to hope that my phone is at the bar, then the first story would more likely be correct.

On subways I get stared at and laughed at. In taxis they yell at me whenever I say I want to go to dongdaesin like they don’t understand that I live here. Maybe I’ll walk everywhere. And never drink again (other than plans that already involve drinking).