When I first arrived in Tokyo I got off the train taking me from the airport at Nippori and explored while trying to head to Ueno park and zoo. I got lost. Tokyo turned me around so many times while I was walking around and that’s only happened a few times in my life before. I can normally look at a map and know exactly when I’m going…but not in Tokyo.

Anyway, as I was walking I found more and more temples. Don’t know the names of any of them, because the map that I took a picture of gets blurry when I zoom in.

Tokyo 1 036 Tokyo 1 042

Tokyo 1 059 Tokyo 1 066

There is a really cute shopping street too. It didn’t seem like they saw a lot of foreigners because all the old ladies were really excited to see me and practice their English.

Tokyo 1 049 Tokyo 1 054

In this market I bought a gift for a friend (some cute snack food) and there was tons of random things to buy, but, it being Tokyo, everything was expensive. I’m also freaked out by any store with the Chinese lucky cat because of Sherlock (BBC), and there were tons of those (both here in Nippori and everywhere)