In the center of Tokyo is the Imperial Palace and the Gardens which is nice even in winter. Wish I could go back in summer to see all the flowers but I don’t think that will happen because of the cost of flights (usually). There were some swans in the pond outside the garden itself.

Tokyo 1 540

There were some interesting plants there, including some things that I did not think could survive in the cold weather that is Japan in winter, like palm trees.

Tokyo 1 553

Some plants were in bloom and were beautiful up close.

Tokyo 1 559 Tokyo 1 572 Tokyo 1 582

There were also some trees growing from the tops of rocks, which confused me as there was no way to go up and see if the rock was hallow and had dirt inside.

Tokyo 1 586

There is a look out to Mt Fuji but you can’t go and look from it as the building is very old.