This was probably the worst day to go see the shrine, as there was so many people it was hard to see the buildings. However, the parade was amazing, making it the best day to go to the shrine.

Tokyo 1 762

Foundation Day is the day that Japan was unified under one Emperor. The Americans I found thought that there was 23 floats to represent the 23 different groups that became unified at that time (I did not see the whole thing so I’m not sure how many floats there were.

People cared them for about 2 miles! There probably 60 people holding each one up and they looked like they were struggling.

Many people hardly had any clothes on at all! It was pretty cold too. Some just wore socks.

Tokyo 1 767 Tokyo 1 775 Tokyo 1 782 Tokyo 1 787 Tokyo 1 805 Tokyo 1 864

Once inside the shrine itself they carried the floats to a man standing higher than everyone else, cheered, and walked backwards away.

Tokyo 2 007 Tokyo 2 011 Tokyo 2 018

There were also some amazing drummers.

Tokyo 2 028