The Tokyo National Museum is in Ueno Park near a fountain.

Tokyo 2 075

There are many buildings but some are closed and some are just for special exhibits (I think, the signs were unclear). I went to the Asia part which had China (lots of it), India, Korea (medium amounts) and ‘other’ Including some Egyptian stuff like a Mummy! In this building they also have things you can play with that try to tell your luck and future. This building also has a terrace which is nice.

Tokyo 2 080 Tokyo 2 092 Tokyo 2 108 Tokyo 2 156 Tokyo 2 184

The second building I went to (the main one) was Japanese art and was not overcrowded because they are only had ‘highlights’ out. nothing here really struck me here other than the warrior costumes and some intricate statues made of gold which I could not take photos, of course.

Tokyo 2 207