There is a Temple in the northern part of Busan called Hongbeopsa Temple and they have events on 1 Sunday every month for foreigners to do something traditionally Korean. This was the first I had heard of it, and even though I had mixed experiences, I will go back again because next month is about percussion.

Once you go to Nopo you go out the exit between the subway and the bus and walk to the right (its quite a walk, but you could see other foreigners–or I’m told that that there are also little kids dressed in the Buddhism clothing looking for us). After that a bus takes you for about 10 minutes to the Temple.

As for making kites, they gave you everything you need–paper, markers, glue, tape, wood, and the spool with string. But the directions were a bit confusing as one person would give them and then others would come over to ‘help’ but they would say something different. It seemed like the people in charge needed to do their own lessons first and then give them. Anyway, I put help in quotes because if someone came to you they would just take your kite from you and do whatever had to be done. Honestly, this made me sad because I wanted to make a kite.

Another person working there also criticized my kite design because I didn’t have much on it to start, which I was fine with. She told me I had to put more. Hell with that, it’s MY kite. Then I thought of a Community quote to put on it, wrote it, and didn’t hear more from here. She also asked me about 3 times if Sweden was the city I was from.

Kite Making 014

After we were done, we got to try flying them, which was a lot of effort because there was no wind–so we ran a lot.

The temple is pretty nice. My friend and I explored it but didn’t go up into the Buddhas belly at the top because then we would have missed out on the free fruit and rice cakes that they were giving out below!

Kite Making 016 Kite Making 018 Kite Making 052