This past weekend I took part in a hike from Jungang subway station (Jungangdong) to Guedok Stadium in Dongdaesindong where the Busan Transportation Corporation Football Club played. They are a third division team, so they aren’t amazing, but were pretty good–better than I could ever be!

The hike was…interesting since there were two groups going at two different speeds and the leader didn’t seem to care about the group that was going slower saying she wouldn’t wait or change the hike for them, which I thought was pretty crappy. There was also a surprise bus ride to get there (people were rooting in their bags looking for money because they thought they wouldn’t need any) and my friends and I were confused as to if we were going down or back up as nothing was said about the plans. We’re supposed to go together, right? My friend was in the second group and said they didn’t have anyone that knew the route we were doing, so they could have gotten ‘lost’. I put lost in quotes because you can’t really get too lost, they would have just ended up in a different area than us, and been further from Guedok Stadium. In the end everyone made it to the Stadium, and I almost wish I had slowed down and stayed with the second group because they went for a proper meal and mokgoli while we just kept pushing; we saw the whole game while they got there at halftime though.

Dongdaesingdong Hike and Guedok Stadeum 001

Kind of disappointing when you get to the top and you can’t see much…but then we kept going!Dongdaesingdong Hike and Guedok Stadeum 006 Dongdaesingdong Hike and Guedok Stadeum 008

Before the game they thew golden balls into the stadium that the team had signed, which was pretty neat, even though they are 3rd division. At halftime there were 4 cheerleaders. The game ended in a tie, which I didn’t think they usually did and thought there would be an extra period and penalty kicks, but I guess they don’t do that if the game is not important.

Dongdaesingdong Hike and Guedok Stadeum 029 Dongdaesingdong Hike and Guedok Stadeum 039 Dongdaesingdong Hike and Guedok Stadeum 100

It’s free to get in, but they could start charging 1,000KRW and I’d still go for sure. Maybe even for 5,000KRW. Great end to a hike.

Dongdaesingdong Hike and Guedok Stadeum 093