I used Savvy Journeys who used TheRedDot to plan my trip though India and had a hired driver. I would have preferred to travel by train, but my parents freaked out at that idea, and I don’t want them to be too too worried (it didn’t really help). I was probably able to do more by having a driver, so it was good in the end. Plus, I had to be back by a certain time or miss my flight and days of work and be docked in pay so it’s good that I never had the opportunity to miss a train and be stranded for a bit.

Delhi to Pushkar

We left at 8am and I saw a pig cross the road, a bike and tuktuk on the highway! I didn’t know that they could go that fast! By 2:35pm we stopped for lunch and I realized that I had seen about a million things that shouldn’t be on the highway: cows, pigs, dogs, people walking, people pushing carts, motorcycles with 4 people on them without helmets, camels…However the big trucks were decked out in ways that I thought we super pretty! We did have to stop for about half an hour because of goats crossing the road!

India 010 India 014 India 018 India 020 India 026 India 029 India 033 India 048 India 056 India 058 India 060 India 061 India 085 India 088 India 095

Pushkar to Jaipur

This drive was beautiful–and I got to do 20 minutes of it 3 times! I realized that I left my hotel vouchers in Pushkar and we had to go back. So many mountains, turns in the road to follow them, a lake, a little town at the bottom…

India 429 India 433 India 435 India 436

After this there was a lot of industrial areas and marble manufacturing.

India 455 India 457 India 459

Jaipur to Agra

On this drive we had a tax stop which was interesting….people were outside selling things (ugly necklaces and nice bracelets which I would have liked to buy but didn’t like him at the window of the car) and there was a monkey that a man had on a chain who saluted me (it was pretty cute, but I’m not giving someone money for putting a monkey on a chain).

India 1274 India 1280

Agra to Delhi

Not much to say here that I didn’t already mention.

India 1592 India 1600 India 1602 India 1604