Agra Fort has 2 parts: red and white. I’ve no idea why anyone would make the white part (signs said it was what the ruler liked and was in fashion) because i couldn’t see! Glare was everywhere! I also just like red more in general. The very outside looks fine…

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…but when you first get in (the courtyard and viewing wall I suppose) lots of the area is decaying and a lot which i thought was cool.

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Couldn’t go up to the lookout/viewing wall which i thought would have been amazing but once fully inside the buildings there are great viewing points, including a whole side to the Taj Mahal. There were 2 gardens too–3 if you count the outside.

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I didn’t see many foreigners which meant I got stared at a lot. One girl kept glaring at me and I had no idea why…right before she left she smiled at me though. Strange one…Boys followed me around and giggled too–and by ‘boys’ I don’t mean 7 year olds, I mean 23 year olds. There were chipmunks too! They have a vertical jump that went about to my knees!

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