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Amber Fort was amazing–emphasis on maze because the ‘fort’ AKA palace was really like a maze with all the hallways going to different areas and different vantage points. When I saw it on day 3 I thought it would be one of the highlights of the trip and I was right.

Upon entering the main gate you buy a ticket and can explore before using it.

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There are elephant rides (which I was told later are only from 8 until 11 or so because each elephant only gives 5 rides before it is retired for the day) and people selling everything under the sun.

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One of the sellers saw me take a picture of a cannon…

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…and said ‘you like it? i can sell it you you’ and gave me a super big smile.

Walking into the ticket area there are a billion doors, stairs, view/vantage points and pieces of art work. Overwhelming does not describe it. I ran around the place like a kid in a maze hoping I could find my way back to the main gate so I could get back to the car. They do try to get you to go out another exit but you can make your way back to the entrance and go out there–just find a door that doesn’t have a bored security guy at it (most are sitting and spaced out).

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