I can’t begin to describe how fun Holi is. Fun for young and old, foreign and Indian. I was a a home with safe powder (i.e. no chemicals that would stain your skin for weeks and burn your eyes), drinks and food. When I said I didn’t want to drink because I was going elephant riding later the grandfather of the house said ‘oh just have some wine then’….and a bottle later I left! I didn’t know that Holi also involved water which was just the kids at first spraying everyone with guns or taking cups and throwing them, but after a few drinks everyone got involved. There were tons of Australians there–you know they know how to have a good time! 4 guys picked up one of their friends and threw him int he water after he shot them all with a water gun. I met tons of nice Indians, English and Americans there too.

India 1036 India 1039 India 1043 India 1044 India 1045 India 1049 India 1051 India 1052 India 1054 India 1056 India 1060 India 1062 India 1064

There was also music and dancers.India 1042 India 1067

After 1 1/2 showers I felt clean, but my hair had a green shine for a few more days…

After the fact, this is what my clothes looked like…

Holi Clothes 001

And after one wash….(I’m impressed with my washing machine!)

Holi Clothes 002

And after bleach…

Holi Clothes 005So you CAN get clean after!