I headed for the Taj Mahal around 4:30 and got back to the hotel around 7:30. Main takeaways:

  • the security has AK47s which look fake
  • the security office is covered with monkeys
  • more pictures were taken of me than i took for the Taj Mahal itself (not really, but close)
  • it IS amazing and beautiful

I expected it to be overrated but it 100% is not. Very overwhelming in it’s size and beauty.

India 1466 India 1468 India 1470 India 1471 India 1487 India 1490

I almost did not go in because the line was so long and I thought nothing could beat the outside but I found out that I had an express ticket and I got in quick. It did not seem like an express ticket but more of just cutting the line as there are not two separate areas, just an area with a guard to let you in past everyone else with a general ticket. With the express ticket you also get shoe covers and a bottle of water.

Inside did not live up to the outside but it was very intricately carved. There are many police with whistles and signs saying ‘no photos’ but everyone was taking them (with the flash on) which kind of ruins the moment. So do the pigeons inside flying above your head.

India 1500 India 1505 India 1516

The sunset was beautiful.

India 1519 India 1535 India 1536 India 1541 India 1560 India 1568

When going there one rickshaw man would NOT leave me alone. I said no about 7 times, was standing in the free shuttle area and he kept asking so I yelled at him. Worked better than I thought because I never saw him again. I ended up walking back because the shuttle was taking ages and kept filling up with people from the hotel nearby and not taking anyone else. Of course, right after I started walking I saw the people I had been standing next to go past in a shuttle.

Oh, and this happened:

India 1530