I thought I’d never like any airport less than JFK because JFK has no seats. Well, it has some, but never though for everyone, or even half of everyone.

When I got to the airport I had to go though some sort of security just to enter so the airport would not be packed. Only those flying may enter, I guess. The guy would not let me in with one page of my Orbitz updated confirmation because it didn’t have my name. I had to pull out the original which did and then he said I was too early. No, the flight time changed, that’s why I showed him updated….fair enough it didn’t have my name, but it had the wrong times.

When I checked in I asked about changing currency and they said I could after I went though immigration. Fair enough, I didn’t see any outside anyway. Oh, as I was checking in 2 employees were yelling a personal conversation over the guy who was checking me in. I couldn’t understand, but by the looks on their faces and my agents face, it seemed like something upsetting to them, and something he didn’t want yelled at him from both sides when he’s not involved.

At immigration the guy was annoyed my passport would not scan. That’s what the numbers are for. If it doesn’t scan, type the numbers. Don’t be lazy and give me a dirty look.

At security I was hasseled for a bag tag that the airline gave me at check in. I also had to switch lines because of sexist security. Why are certain machines for men and certain machines for woman? Does that matter? After I switched for 5 minutes I was told I could go back to my original line because they opened up the womens line there. As I started to walk though another woman ran though. You can’t run though the gate, nor can you go though at the same time as someone else. So confused by her. Didn’t say a word to me and when we reentered she got to go first.

Once past everything, I was told I had to change money before immigration. So I was left with about $50 in rupees. Good thing I was able to exchange in Shanghai.

A bit confusing to find your way around as well.