I rode on the back of a bike without a helmet! It doesn’t sound that scary when compared to what other people do when traveling but it was pretty scary to me–the rules of the road are nonexistent in China.

We then went to the market I mentioned before and I bought a Tom Brady jersey for $20, Ray Ban sunglasses for $5 and a few other things. These later disappeared and we think we know where they went but the person claims to not have them….

Next we went to old Shanghai where things got really ‘Chinese-e’ and walked around a bit. I ate the greasy-ist  scallion pancake in the world.

Shanghai 2 002 Shanghai 2 003 Shanghai 2 008 Shanghai 2 010 Shanghai 2 015 Shanghai 2 017 Shanghai 2 019 Shanghai 2 021 Shanghai 2 028 Shanghai 2 033

After a break from the busy world we went to dinner at Bali Laguna, an Indonesian Restaurant. The non-alcoholic drinks are just as expensive as the food! The food was amazing though, maybe I should have gotten a drink just to see how good those would have been. Oh well, I have plans to go to Indonesia so hopefully I’ll be able to have just as nice food and drinks for cheaper.

We then went for a walk and looked at some DVDs. I really didn’t understand the ordering…

Shanghai 2 045When I’m looking for Motorcycle Diaries, I might as well get The Game Plan too.

Shanghai 2 046This I like. If I’m going to buy one De Niro movie, why not buy more?

Shanghai 2 047Or buy some Kubrick with my Tarantino

After that was home to drink Chinese wine and leave at 5am with the worst hangover ever.