The night after a full moon, April 26th, I went on a night hike with Busan Daytrippers. I was supposed to go on two before when I lived in Ireland, but they got rained or snowed out. It was tons of fun and I hope that we do another one here!

We went to Yeongdo (do meaning island) which is where I went before for the taejongdae. We didn’t go that far out, as there are mountains in the middle, called Grandma, Son, and Grandson and those are the ones we hiked.

We took bus to the lion temple.

Night Hike 002 Night Hike 004

We then walked along the beach to a mini Buddhist shrine and went up from there.

Night Hike 003 Night Hike 013 Night Hike 021

Never sit on Grandma! It’s a curse!

Night Hike 028

Son has a little building at the top.

Night Hike 034Night Hike 041

Grandson is where we saw the sunrise, but I think any would be fine for it.

Night Hike 057

When the sun did come up we got a good view of oryuk islands, or four or five islands.