I’m a bit confused by the War Memorial’s Wedding Hall, but it seemed popular enough. Doesn’t solve my confusion, but I guess Koreans are into having weddings in war memorials…?

Upon entering from the left of the front entrance, there is a list of names of people who died in the Korean War with ‘Our Nation Honors Men Her Sons and Daughters Who Answered The Call To Defend A Country They Never Knew And A People They Never Met’ which is also on The Monument of the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington DC.

Caribbean Bay + DMZ + Seoul 116Upon entering though the main doors, there are candles lit and 2 books: one of UN deaths and one of Republic of Korea deaths with more carvings of ‘We honor those fallen heroes who sacrificed their lives for the country’, ‘They are the true heroes of the Republic of Korea who gave their lives for the peace of the homeland’ and, ‘the noble sacrificed of heroes became the eternal light that protects the Republic of Korea’. Next is a beautiful room with what looks like a painting of hay on top of the wall, and a big bowl at the bottom overflowing with water.

Next you go downstairs and there is the War History Room(s) with paintings and artifacts from many different Korean Wars.

Caribbean Bay + DMZ + Seoul 144 Caribbean Bay + DMZ + Seoul 149 Caribbean Bay + DMZ + Seoul 171One on the 2nd floor, there are many dioramas from different wars, including the Vietnam War.

Caribbean Bay + DMZ + Seoul 176Next I went up to the 3rd floor, where there is a statue showing ‘The Republic of Korea Armed Forces Serving the People’.

Caribbean Bay + DMZ + Seoul 182From between the second and third floors you can see exhibits of planes, helicopters and parachutes. There is also an area to get close to and touch the planes, tanks, guns and such.

Caribbean Bay + DMZ + Seoul 195 I missed all the videos (I either didn’t want to wait or they were not running on a Saturday Holiday Weekend). Out the main entrance there is a huge statue with many soldier statues around it.

Caribbean Bay + DMZ + Seoul 210 Caribbean Bay + DMZ + Seoul 211 Caribbean Bay + DMZ + Seoul 214

To the left (when you face the museum) there is the Statue of Brothers which is a hut with two men embracing in Army uniforms on the top.

Caribbean Bay + DMZ + Seoul 223