Caribbean Bay + DMZ + Seoul 528Well hello there! It’s back! After being closed for 5 years due to a fire and reconstruction it has been rebuilt and there was kind of intense security. People watching everywhere! I stepped on grass to get a better angle and they told me to move away.

Caribbean Bay + DMZ + Seoul 531 Caribbean Bay + DMZ + Seoul 535 Caribbean Bay + DMZ + Seoul 540 Caribbean Bay + DMZ + Seoul 542 Caribbean Bay + DMZ + Seoul 544National Treasure No. 1

Designated on Dec 20, 1962

Sungnyemun, the South Gate of Seoul, was erected in 1398, 7th year of King Taejo, founder of the Joseon Dynasty, as one of the four main gates of the capital city.

In February 2008, an arsonist set fire to the gate, almost entirely destroying the roof of the gate house, to the nation’s great horror. Repair was planned and carried out for five years, from 2008-2013, during which the city walls to the right and left of the gate were also restored.