I went to my first Korean baseball game on Saturday! Of course I went to go see the Lotte Giants.

Baseball and Natural Dyeing 006

Baseball in Korea (and Japan) is very different from baseball in the US–everyone is chanting nearly the whole time, you can bring food and drinks inside and even those inside are not expensive, and the games go a lot faster than in the US. Also, there are no assigned seats, and the prices go from 7,000 won to 25,000 won! So cheap! I could never get Red Sox tickets at that price. Here’s a layout of the seating area. There aren’t that many colors in the seats, but I guess this is more price breakdown. There are blue, orange and green. Green have trays and less fun (so I’m told).

Baseball and Natural Dyeing 007

The stadium is between Sports Complex and Sajik and Korea was playing Hanwha which we knew would be an interesting game, due to racist comments one of their players made against the African-American player for Busan. Everyone boo’d  Kim Tae-kyun (the Korean who made racist comments) whenever he went up to bat which was really moving. He was stuck-out on Friday by Shane Youman (the African-American player), but on Saturday he got some hits and helped others score. Oh well. Busan lost in the end.

As per standard Korea, there were Soju mascots. These are not team mascots, Busans mascot is the Seagull.

Baseball and Natural Dyeing 004

There is a cheer-master who helps out with the crowd at the start of the game. He also goes to the Fireworks show. This is the same stage that the cheerleaders go on as well.

Baseball and Natural Dyeing 010

Here’s Busan scoring!

Baseball and Natural Dyeing 026And Busan getting an out.

Baseball and Natural Dyeing 067Two twins battling!

Baseball and Natural Dyeing 071A hit by the other team!

Baseball and Natural Dyeing 102Oh, and Busan fans put trash bags on their heads at the end to show support. Either a balloon like thing or Minny Mouse ears like mine.

Baseball and Natural Dyeing 155