This past weekend I went with Korea Bus Tour Adventures (run out of Busan by one foreigner–American or Canadian, I’m not sure–and one Korean) to Sancheong in Gyeongsangnam-do to go ATVing (or paintballing) and white water rafting with 산청월드레포츠 (or Sancheong world leports in English).

The short: don’t go there.

I don’t blame Korea Bus Tour Adventures, but they could have done more research to find out how bad the ATVs and lunch were. And they could have made sure that if we took two buses that the company would have space for all of us.

The company sent drivers to pick us up. One got lost making us half an hour later. Due to the strict timing of the tour, this was no good. For a group of two tour buses, the timing should never be that strict.

I heard paintballing was fine.

There were two groups for the ATVs. We all paid for one hour. This was cut to twenty minutes because of the number of people. From the way our leaders acted, they did not know this would happen and Sancheong world leports had said they could deal with that many people. I’m not sure though.

My group went pretty slow. However, that was fine for me because I only had one working break–I don’t mean the front worked and not the back, I mean the front right worked and nothing else–so if I went fast at all and had to slow down I would spin and at one point only had two tires on the ground which I was not happy with. 20 minutes on that death machine was fine with me. Mine was not the only one like that. Others would never pick up speed. Others would not pick up unless you pushed ALL the way forward. Others would turn off and back on. Others would turn off and never turn back on leading to one person having to share with the guide. Our guide was also racist and let some people go twice (we had to be split into two more groups to be able to all go) but not the black people. While we waited they got some of the girls to pose and took photos on their camera phones (don’t what to know what those photos are going to be used for) and professional cameras (which I assume will be used for advertising)

The other group, so I’m told, just went to one spot and another taking photos, never picking up speed or going near mud.

If you see ads from this company with westerners in the photos, no one signed a thing and no one was happy.

Lunch was a choice of bibimbap or pork and rice. I had the bibimbap and felt sick for half of the next day; there was also only two vegetables in it. The people who ordered pork started to get less and less every time it was ordered because they were running out.

White water rafting was uneventful white water wise but still fun because of splashing and the Korean on our boat freaking out. The safety demo was way too long, we think it was so they could say we spent more time on the water. And the guide here was creepily staring at me before he was our guide.