On our way back from Bukit Bintang in the afternoon we went to Central Market, which is a market where you can hopefully work the prices down. It was opened in 1888, and saved in the 1970s. We didn’t buy anything there, but there is also a lot of food in the area (some good–Restournt Youssif, if you don’t count the weird things we found in our food, which might have been for flavor but we had no idea what they were–and some bad–the gelato with a panda on the logo had frezer-burn on the gelato and she wanted to put it into a sandwich??) Most of the items for sale are knock-offs, made of wood, souvenirs, or Indian clothing.

KL 290 KL 292

Before dinner we went to Chinatown and go some great knock-offs–I’m starting to think they are real but just had a minor defect so the companies cannot sell them i.e. sunglasses with paint chips or T shirts with the logo on the inside but the design on the outside. The sellers don’t try to tell you that the items are real like in China, nor do they try to make you feel bad by saying that their family will starve, again, like my experiences in China. We met some friends at their hostel and walked back to Petaling Street which has a beautiful gate to start the market. This area also has amazing food, and I think the best I ate in KL. I got bok choy and noodles and both were fantastic (and totaled 15 ringgits). Everyone was stuffed, I think with me being the only one who finished.

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