SE Asia 004Easy at the airport for immigration, customs exchange and taxi. It was only 4,000 kayat for 45-60 minute because it was shared. I thought we were at the other airport and I’m glad I did start walking! Met a Chinese girl and a Myanmar man who were both very nice. 12USD a night for fan and shared bathroom at ET Hotel. I had some Wi-Fi issues though.

At the hotel I made some friends and, in the end, we booked a taxi tour for tomorrow. At the same time I found out that the slow boat to Bagan is looking like a no go because the front desk said its only Wednesday and Sundays.

Walked around a lot looking for exchange places and an ATM, finding delicious (300 kayat) noodles along the way and ending up at the royal palace.

I was told it’s not great but I liked it, even though I felt sick after getting there. Lots of gold and the one very tall building that you could go up (I couldn’t) but you only really saw greenery up there. The lady who sold the tickets said it was under construction but I didn’t see any. The military feel around it was different, as De Anne said.

SE Asia 034

Kris and Felix went onto the hill but I didn’t feel well enough so I took a motorbike to ET for 1,500. Shower wasn’t great because someone else stole the water, but it was hot and they give you a towel (and toilet paper). I’m said I missed the sunset but I would have been unhappy, tired and maybe thrown up or gotten really sick.

I woke up many times because of heat and sand but felt a lot better. Breakfast was eggs, 3 pieces of toast with strawberry jam or butter and tea or coffee.