Got in at 6:30-7:00 and went to dinner at 7:30. Beds are hard and the showers are super slippery. Dinner of noodles which had a sticky sauce making me take a long time to eat and lime soda for 5.00USD. Walked to another bar and came back at midnight or so. Sit showed us fried spider and the egg with the duck inside.

SE Asia 1546

Woke at 8 to go to the palace to take pictures before my cooking class (never happened). Got into a fight with a tuk tuk driver who didn’t understand no. The palace is beautiful from the outside. No one was allowed in at the time because of the protests going on.

SE Asia 1545 SE Asia 1555

10:30-1:00 we went to central market which was like a standard market but they sucked at haggling. I said 5 for glasses, they said okay. We walked past the protests going to and from the hotel to central market, where some police said ‘welcome to Cambodia’ while laughing.

SE Asia 1568

We then went to the Killing Fields.

Dinner at a rooftop bar. Drinks were expensive—i.e. more than 1USD—so I just had my water and tofu for 4USD. I kept getting attacked by little green jumping bugs, and was really excited for the next time of eating inside.