4 hours to the boarder from Sihanoukville and we stopped after about 10 minutes to go to a bakery. It was very Korean looking food because there was meat on top of bread with red sauce on top so I warned people it would be sweet—it was! I got a sugar doughnut and pain au chocolat for .75. Missing lots of chocolat.

Boarder was uneventful. The guy in Cambodia didn’t look at my picture and in Vietnam Sit went in for all of us. No one knows who I am!

Had to pay $1 to get into Vietnam because they charge for the stamp.

Again on the bus for 5 hours, stopping for lunch in a random hotel in a random city. I got vegetables and noodles for $3 and was still hungry…Thinking Vietnam is going to be more difficult to save money on food!

In Vietnam everyone wears helmets on their motorbikes but they (the helmets) don’t look sturdy or well fitting. We saw one accident too–didnt’ see that in Cambodia.