Law was our guide of the Cu Chi Tunnels—he seemed rich, looked Korean and was way too excited about killing Americans in the war.

The first things we saw was a secret entry. A guy showed us how to go in and then I went and most others. It was a wooden plank that they use to cover the hole and put leaves on top (so no one sees it) and a bomb under (so if they do see it and open it, it will explode). Then saw one of the bamboo traps, holes with mounds to hide the Vietnamese when shooting, a 4 person shooting hole, a 2 person shooting hole, a mound which looked like termites but was really a breathing hole with bamboo shoots that were at an angle to help catch wind. Vietnam used to put chilies in the dirt to throw off the smell but it made the dogs sneeze, so the US soldiers still knew where they were and then the Vietnamese started to use American soap in the piles and the dogs never found them. Then was a M41 Tank that was destroyed by a mine in 1970.

SE Asia 1898SE Asia 1912

We then saw a ton of traps like the metal sheet, clamping armpit, rolling window, foot fish, see saw, ones that women make because ‘they’re easy’ (according to Law), durian, and door (which would swing in two places, so if you grabbed it to stop it, it would still hit you).

SE Asia 1928

After this we went though some of the tunnels which had been expanded to accommodate tourists, you could chose to get out at 20 meters, 40 meters, and 60 meters (it went for 100 meters but the guy would not let anyone go further than 60 as it got ‘too small’)

Then was a diorama about how to saw a bomb to get the powder. Then we saw a diorama of how they made the holes. And then the outfit that they wore. Next was the dining room and kitchen which had a separate area for smoke so the bombs would be dropped in the wrong spot.

Last was a super-propaganda video where everyone was happy to do back breaking work of planting rice and making hats.

This tour cost $15 and we didn’t tip because Law had ‘too much money’ which made sense because he was a bit tubby (and people in asia don’t get fat unless they have money). Myself and some others didn’t want to tip him because of how happy he was in explaining how the Vietnamese killed Americans. Yeah, it’s great how creative the Vietnamese were–but they were still killing people, and no one should be happy about anything that happened.