15000 dong entry into the museum and I felt I should give more to help those suffering but there were no boxes for that. I think I did the museum backwards, but the map on the wall was hard to follow.

The ‘world in support of resistance’ room was impressive because I didn’t realize just how many people in so many countries opposed the war. One thing I liked was that it specified it was the US government and not the people and showed our protests as well. Ho Chi Minh wrote a very nice letter to the American people which I didn’t know of either. There was also an old poster of what to do if an American troop landed in your yard and it basically said to be nice to them.

SE Asia 1805SE Asia 1806

The ‘DOVE children education’ room is on the top floor but there were some cute paintings and drawings on the bottom like “my hometown” in the new day”, “we visit the soldiers:, “life in the open sea”, “ dream of peace”, “wars please don’t take our mothers away!” and “road mountain in con ado” . There were 4 themes and one theme that not much was drawn on was ‘Uncle Minh’ (that theme creeps me out a bit anyway).

SE Asia 1809

Next I saw the ‘aggressive war crimes’ room which was graphic and disturbing. Some great messages from soldiers though. Also some great photos, even if they are of terrible things. Some wreckage tin from planes is in there too.

Next was the ‘Agent Orange’ room which made me ill twice. I didn’t realize it was having such horrible remedial effects. A fantastic letter was written to Obama asking for monetary support for those suffering. Not sure if it got a response. The letter was very deftest. Written by a man with no legs and 1 hand who wanted to help those LESS fortunate.

SE Asia 1834

Next were brilliant before and after photos.

SE Asia 1836

Next were ‘historical truths’ which I thought would be warped but were not too bad. Except for one of Johnson excitedly yelling to attack–I don’t think he was as excited as they depicted, or exited at all to order bombing.. I didn’t realize we broke UN resolutions then as well.

Next I saw ‘requiem’ which are photos journalists took, but were not able to bring home as they died during a battle. Can’t take photos because they are all under glass and its very bright inside. They were great photos though.

Outside are some US planes and imprisonment conditions which were (not surprisingly) terrible. One guy (who there was a photo of) was in jail for 10 years and looked like he was about to die of starvation.