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India 102I got into Pushkar around 3pm on Sunday March 24th 2013 and went to a cooking class at 5pm that night.

The next day I went to Yoga in the Pushkar Yoga Garden which was a great experience–I had never actually taken a yoga class before but had done it at home using videos I downloaded or watched on YouTube. The instructor had it be low level because one person had a hurt back and I had never been. There were 4 people total in the class, 2 boys and 2 girls; 2 had been doing a week long course; 2 were English and 1 was Swiss.

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The place is a bit set back from the main road, but you can still hear a bit of the hustle and bustle of the city/town.

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It took the guy leading the class about an hour to realize that I can’t bend my back which was pretty funny (I had scoliosis surgery at the age of 13). He said I had perfect form other than my back always being straight~~and that I can’t expect to change that unless they make a flexible metal!

Next I went to Brahma Temple. I was told no cameras and no shoes and was given some flowers (for ‘free’) but was suggested I make a donation to the people giving out the flowers for the temple. If I want to donate to the temple, I’ll do it inside, thank you! My driver tried to give me back my camera, but we got yelled at by a guying telling me I didn’t understand–I did understand, why can’t I told it and have them believe I wasn’t going to use it? Everyone inside (all Indians, by the way) were using their camera phones to take pictures of everything anyway.

The temple itself was very busy, however there were many signs saying what you can and cannot do which take away the specialness of the Temple.

The flowers I was given were meant to be given to some men that were closer to the shrine than we were allowed to go and one of them gave me a dirty look! I managed to slip away to a quiet area–go upstairs!00and took a few pictures on my camera phone (however, later that night my camera phone stopped letting me save pictures–curse of taking photos where I’m not allowed?). The view from the top was nicer because there were less people, but also because you can see the mountains and the top of the buildings were not destroyed or half covered by signs.

When I left I just grabbed my shoes again and walked away. One of the people running the shop ran after me for a bit but gave up once he realized I was not going to come back. There were also some kids who hissed at me.

I then went for a camel ride!

I had a bit of a break at the hotel and laid by the pool where there were some crazy pigeons!

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Later I went to Pushkar Lake for the sunset.

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Camel Ride

I felt a bid bad for the camel because of the way it had its harness tied into his face, but camels are normally mean to people anyway, right? Spitting everywhere and everything…that’s how I try to justify it. Mine (named Mosi) didn’t seem to mind it too much. It cost 1250 rupees for 1 hour.

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At first a 12 year old was leading me, but then the boss called and said it would be better if another person took me as his English was better–the 12 year old was fine for me because he’s older than most of my students anyway and we got along fine!

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At the top of a mountain there was a palace dedicated to the first wife of a king, which I realized later that I could see from my hotel room!

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There was also a building in the sunset location for tourists to go to and a rose garden. At the start there were a few tents that people were living in as well.

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I tipped my leader 200 rupees at the end, since his shoes were broken and he was telling me about his kids being in college. Maybe he was lying just to get a tip, but it wasn’t much to me and he gave me flowers and let me ‘drive’/lead Mosi at the end. Plus he didn’t make Mosi run–I feel like usually when someone asks if you want to go faster or do something else, and you say no you end up doing that anyway–which I was terrified of because I thought I would fall off.

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Cooking class cost 1500 Rupees and gave me recipes for Dal, Vegetable Rice and Aloo (potato) Paratha in 2 hours. I hope that I can find the spices in the Indian market in Korea, otherwise I will have to wait until I go back to the US or another country with a lot of Indians–or back to India again with a checked bag.

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The lady was really nice–as TripAdvisor told me–and also did make-up, massages and made clothes and jewelry–busy mother of two! Her niece kept staring at me saying I was beautiful in Hindi and her nephew was too shy to keep eye contract. Her mother made spice mixes for sale which is pretty innovative–including mango powder! Some monkeys came by for a visit to eat flowers and maybe steal my shoes in exchange for some food–but they didn’t go for that.

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We talked about the attack son woman without saying the word ‘rape’ and she told me I was strong and brave but she was worried for herself in her traditional family–not 100% sure what she meant, but from what I understand traditional families disown their children when they get raped. Even after being married, having 2 kids, and running many businesses she has to worry about this. She said she wished she had my opportunities.

I ended up buying some bracelets (a set) for me to keep one and give one to a friend.

When I met back up with the driver there were two cows sleeping right next to the car! Bad choice!

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