After arriving 2 Canadians, an Australian and I got a cab for 2000 kayat each failed to find the Canadians hotel because it wasn’t open yet. Fail Agoda. We then listened to the Austrian who directed the cab to motherland which is supposed to be 7000 kayat for a single with free airport shuttle. Still free shuttle but 22000 for a single and far from everything. Paid 500 kayat  each to go to my area which looks like what I expect Kao San Road to be (it wasn’t). First place said 22000 kayat as well and no Wi-Fi. Finally found Mahabandoola which is 5 for single (sold out) for 10 for a double. I took it anyway. Free towel and soap. No plugs in the room but who wants my phone battery?

I walked outside to find the Austrian (the Canadians were having none of this area) and was asked to each English from 930-11. Okay, why not? Hopped on a truck, drove a block and talked to girls from 9-930 ranging from 16-42 and all ranges. They said I’m so dark I could be one of them. Then I thought with a mic and board for 40 minutes or so then more foreigners came and we talked in small groups. Then back to me and phonics for 10 minutes then I had each ask me 2 questions then class was finally over. So hard with so many levels and no books. I told them to watch local movies with English subs to help them learn. Called U Aung Hein Kyaw English Class. The monk was from Bahaddanata Dha-Maparala and said I can stay with him for free next time and his monastery has great views of the Shwedaron Pagoda. Not much to do in Yangon, so I was happy to teach.

SE Asia 1110

I went looking for the circle train and realized I needed sunblock. Then I fell and sliced my hand open.

Mailed the post card for 500 kayat each. They have yet to arrive after more than a month. Asked the same tour office for directions to the circle train station and he seemed annoyed I asked instead of booked anything with him. Sent me to the tourist info office who said it was now 2 USD to go on the next one was at 2:50. I felt like they should run more often but it wasn’t ever close to full except the one leaving after 5. It was still 1 USD.

SE Asia 1122

A monk kept asking for my number where I was going and saying he loved me. Can’t I tell a monk to f-off? He kept grabbing my hand and trying to play footsey. Once touched by boob. He left after 45 minutes. His friend didn’t even want to sit with him.

SE Asia 1124

The train was more dull than interesting but it was interesting to see that people dry their clothes next to /on the tracks, fly kites by the wind the train creates (or have teddy bears and are hugging them next to the train) and aren’t as aggressive as online says. No one came in the window to sell food. Kids even threw rocks at the train and some set off fireworks (one pissed off a pig bigger than the boy, causing the boy to run).  It took exactly 3 hours.

SE Asia 1155

Next I walked (got turned around once) to the Shwedagon Pagoda which is now either 5USD or 550o kyat (should be 4845 kayat) so they messed up the ‘updated’ price or just wanted to rip people off. Downstairs wanted to donation for shoe keeping. Halfway up was pointless security (I guess because they had airport like walk through but everyone got waved though) then you pay entry and I was told my shorts are too short which is incorrect because they go my knees and they wouldn’t listen to a word about making them longer. Had to leave my shoes and take a skirt making my goal of leaving though another exit pointless. I saw other people inside with short shorts on.

Pagoda is overrated. Very crowded. Wi-Fi. …lots of extra lights so every picture is over-exposed-crap pretty much.

SE Asia 1168

I then walked a bit to get a cab which was 2000 kayat back to the hostel. I tried to find chips but have had no luck and got egg cake and lime juice from Tokyo donuts. Cake was heavy and 500 kayat, juice was a confusing order, I guess and 1000 kayat.

Woke at 530 am for my 830 flight. Had to wake boys sleeping on the floor to open the gate in front of the door. I saw a cockroach in my room too. I got the most senior cab driver who had to wake the others. He told me the US decided to attack Syria (which they didn’t) and then asked tons of English questions. 7000 kayat.

Have to show proof to get in-inside, just like New Delhi (and a lot of Souteast Asia). Security level 1 is passed before going to check in and get your ticket. I was too early to check in though, Met Alicia from the US and Ken from Australia in line and chatted with them. Checked in, changed money to get 44USD back. Immigration with a new guy so it took quite a long time, breakfast of eggs and lime juice for 7USD, security and then waiting with Alicia and Ken again. Ken had a Bangkok subway map and seemed to know his way around while Alicia had stayed in my area before so it was nice to get to know them.