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Biking Around Hoi An

Ready at 9 for the bike ride which ended up being fantastic. Beautiful view the whole time and it was not hilly. The worst part was not really being able to see because of concentrating on the tiny path.

SE Asia 2292

Our first stop was to look at rice but myself and another ran to the baby ducks. Then we had the chance to do traditional garden watering (aka someone else’s yard work), then water buffalo riding which was a lot of fun even though it kept hitting you with its tail. At least he didn’t sit when I was on him, like he did with one of the others. Next was the beach for an hour and a half of which we were (mostly) in the water. Beautiful beach, sand, water and waves except for he bit of trash we saw (which was a lot less than we saw on the rest of the trip). Next we went back to the bikes for a bit to get to a boat which many people fell asleep on, not a lot to see at times but coming back to Hoi an that way as nice.

SE Asia 2294 SE Asia 2314 SE Asia 2324


Bagan: the less explored

Met Sophie and Magda on the bus from Mandalay (Germany and Poland) who were also solo and we decided to stay at Shwe Na Di Guest house for 2 nights for 40 total (13.33 each). It had AC and fan and breakfast and no bathroom.

Went outside while Sophie had tea and rented a bike with Magda for 2000 kayat for 2 days and set off! Well first we tried to get a better map (than the one in Lonely Planet) but ‘BEST Information’ had no one inside. We took Nyaung U Kyaukpadaung Rd towards the airport turning west and going north toward Bagan Viewing Tower but that is private and cost 15000 kayat to go up. No thanks.

SE Asia 492


We then then backtracked to nearly the main road, turned the other way and went to a small temple, met a nice monk at a small monastery who spoke really good English and said we were going the wrong way. Oh well. Went somewhere different!

SE Asia 499


We then walked to a bigger monastery with caves that people had made for the monks which were a bit creepy dark inside. There I bought 10 postcards for 2000 kayat. After we saw Leimyethna Pahto, Payathonza (which the monk said was really 3), Tayok Pye Paya, Thambula Pahto, Kyat Kan Kyaong, and Nandamnnya Pahto and many more which I’m sure lonely planet cannot fit in the book (again, we were using Lonely Planet).

SE Asia 505

For some we had to go through the monks fields (which the monk we spoke to said was fine) and dense spikey brush. My legs burnt a bit for days. I’m sure I saw some that many other foreigners haven’t because of this.

A man in an official looking blue shirt pointed us to one quite far away because the paintings on the walls inside were original. After getting there it was amazing, especially because the paint was original. Hardest one to get to I think. None of the Burmese tourists went that far.

SE Asia 553

We met two nice girls, one spoke great English and guided as to her restaurant for water. I think we would have gone there anyway because we thought it was the right direction to get home and it was only 2 minutes away. 400 kayat for water there. She told us the white pagoda (last for the day) was the main one for her village for 6000 people. It was the wrong way, but they helped us get back.

SE Asia 559

After water at her shop we headed back going past the watch tower again and seeing our mistake–don’t go down the gravel road to the hotels and tower, keep going straight from the main road.

Missed the hostel because of a delivery truck.

Shower was cold but that’s fine.

Went to dinner next door and it wasn’t great—neither was the beer but it was better than Cass (Korean beer). My prawn curry had unshelled prawn and the green beans were bland. Only 15000 kayat for 3 meals (each with multiple dishes) and 4 beers though.

Shanghai in 20 hours

I rode on the back of a bike without a helmet! It doesn’t sound that scary when compared to what other people do when traveling but it was pretty scary to me–the rules of the road are nonexistent in China.

We then went to the market I mentioned before and I bought a Tom Brady jersey for $20, Ray Ban sunglasses for $5 and a few other things. These later disappeared and we think we know where they went but the person claims to not have them….

Next we went to old Shanghai where things got really ‘Chinese-e’ and walked around a bit. I ate the greasy-ist  scallion pancake in the world.

Shanghai 2 002 Shanghai 2 003 Shanghai 2 008 Shanghai 2 010 Shanghai 2 015 Shanghai 2 017 Shanghai 2 019 Shanghai 2 021 Shanghai 2 028 Shanghai 2 033

After a break from the busy world we went to dinner at Bali Laguna, an Indonesian Restaurant. The non-alcoholic drinks are just as expensive as the food! The food was amazing though, maybe I should have gotten a drink just to see how good those would have been. Oh well, I have plans to go to Indonesia so hopefully I’ll be able to have just as nice food and drinks for cheaper.

We then went for a walk and looked at some DVDs. I really didn’t understand the ordering…

Shanghai 2 045When I’m looking for Motorcycle Diaries, I might as well get The Game Plan too.

Shanghai 2 046This I like. If I’m going to buy one De Niro movie, why not buy more?

Shanghai 2 047Or buy some Kubrick with my Tarantino

After that was home to drink Chinese wine and leave at 5am with the worst hangover ever.


When I first arrived in Tokyo I got off the train taking me from the airport at Nippori and explored while trying to head to Ueno park and zoo. I got lost. Tokyo turned me around so many times while I was walking around and that’s only happened a few times in my life before. I can normally look at a map and know exactly when I’m going…but not in Tokyo.

Anyway, as I was walking I found more and more temples. Don’t know the names of any of them, because the map that I took a picture of gets blurry when I zoom in.

Tokyo 1 036 Tokyo 1 042

Tokyo 1 059 Tokyo 1 066

There is a really cute shopping street too. It didn’t seem like they saw a lot of foreigners because all the old ladies were really excited to see me and practice their English.

Tokyo 1 049 Tokyo 1 054

In this market I bought a gift for a friend (some cute snack food) and there was tons of random things to buy, but, it being Tokyo, everything was expensive. I’m also freaked out by any store with the Chinese lucky cat because of Sherlock (BBC), and there were tons of those (both here in Nippori and everywhere)