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Hoi An Cooking Class

Cooking class started at the hotel at 4 and we walked to Hong Phuc which was right next to where we had breakfast. I was worried because many reviews online said that multiple cooking classes here have you cut vegetables and stuff spring rolls and nothing else. First we went to the market I went to earlier and looked at banana leaves, shredded leaves in salt water (many things were in salt water for pickling but this was to preserve it), hot chilies, garlic, shallots, 3 types of ginger, lemongrass, Vietnamese celery, how they get mixed greens (just an old lady mixing it), a strange round green thing that tastes like cucumber, live eels, fish balls and patties for soup, crabs, and lotus seeds/nuts.I was worried because we looked at many of the same foods from the Thai class.

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The first thing we made was fish stuffed with green onions and fried shallots which was wrapped in banana leaf and grilled.

Second was squid with lots of spices. Third was spring rolls (making them) which was quite different from Thai ones as the paper was a lot thicker and we didn’t cook the inside and put egg inside. Fourth we made a sauce for the wontons which I knew I wouldn’t like because of the pineapple but, since it was cooked, it wasn’t bad. We then fried the wontons and fried the spring rolls, cutting them partway though (Hoi An specialty) to make the inside crispy too.

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My favorite was the wontons followed far behind by the squid and fish—Gemma made the point that it would be a lot better with a more flavorful fish and a less bony fish. I didn’t like the wonton itself because it was bland but I guess the pork ones were good. They were Hoi An special as well and were flat with a little circle to one side, which I thought was strange.

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Cooking Class in Pushkar

Cooking class cost 1500 Rupees and gave me recipes for Dal, Vegetable Rice and Aloo (potato) Paratha in 2 hours. I hope that I can find the spices in the Indian market in Korea, otherwise I will have to wait until I go back to the US or another country with a lot of Indians–or back to India again with a checked bag.

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The lady was really nice–as TripAdvisor told me–and also did make-up, massages and made clothes and jewelry–busy mother of two! Her niece kept staring at me saying I was beautiful in Hindi and her nephew was too shy to keep eye contract. Her mother made spice mixes for sale which is pretty innovative–including mango powder! Some monkeys came by for a visit to eat flowers and maybe steal my shoes in exchange for some food–but they didn’t go for that.

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We talked about the attack son woman without saying the word ‘rape’ and she told me I was strong and brave but she was worried for herself in her traditional family–not 100% sure what she meant, but from what I understand traditional families disown their children when they get raped. Even after being married, having 2 kids, and running many businesses she has to worry about this. She said she wished she had my opportunities.

I ended up buying some bracelets (a set) for me to keep one and give one to a friend.

When I met back up with the driver there were two cows sleeping right next to the car! Bad choice!

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