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Got on a bus from Hoi An for 4 (turned 3) hours to Hue stopping at a lookout point called Thua Thien Hue but didn’t get enough time to go to the top (so I didn’t see the point in stopping at all). Yes, nice views, but if there is a hike why not give us time to do it? The sells were very pushy and touched me twice L we also saw a truck full of dogs three times which smelt terrible. The last time we saw them they were getting sprayed down.

SE Asia 2351 SE Asia 2358 SE Asia 2362

Upon arriving in Hue, we went to lunch at Ushi where I got vegetable soup that ended up being just morning glory in water…only 15,000 though. Walked to central market (went over Truong Tien Bridge which is an ugly color and has construction) which was a lot like Goje market in Busan with souvenirs because it had vegetables and cooking things and housework items. We then walked through a park next to Perfume river and I told a guy I was Korean just for him to go away. On to the Imperial Citadel (palace) which cost 105,000 (which is much more than 55,000 as advertised in lonely planet). It’s pretty much the only thing to see in the city.

SE Asia 2382

It was mostly construction and trash which makes me question Vietnamese people–why not take care of your history? This was not the first thing we had seen like this. We’re not even sure what we saw because there were no signs. Their map and the lonely planet map didn’t add up either.

The pagoda/rest area-gondola was really nice as were the bushes made like turtles which were both inside the Purple Forbidden City. There was a nice dragon statue just beyond the main gate too, but we could not get over the trash. Closed at 5:30 and one in our group was very concerned we would not get out. Just then, matt found the temples and Hien Lam Pavilion which all looked beautiful. We then walked back to the Ngo Mon gate to find it was closed…so we went around to the next gate (Hien Hhom) to leave. I tried to go in that one at first but it is only an exit. The palace is a lot smaller than it seems. Back to the hotel for 6:30 for dinner at 7:30.

SE Asia 2395 SE Asia 2416 SE Asia 2420 SE Asia 2433 SE Asia 2443

Dinner at Le’s was good food with good drinks (but really standard drink deals) but the staff were too ‘helpful’. I don’t need someone behind me the whole time or chatting to me about my water bottle and such. They gave us jenga after dinner and asked if we were too tired because we didn’t want to play. Weird. 39,000 for fried rice with vegetables but really good. They were very on top of clearing plates too. Walked to Brown Eyes for free shots after but I went home because I was tired.

In the morning, some of us decided to go to Thin Mu. It was supposed to be 3km from a bridge that was 1 km away but it turned out to be 6.4km total so someone messed up on the map.

The walk was interesting because there was no sidewalk and lots of rundown temples and trash. Another sign of the Vietnamese not taking care of their country and history. Eventually found the pagoda at 11:40 meaning we had to go straight back so 4 of the group could check out and we all could eat. Got some good pics and saw the car a monk rode in before he burned himself because of abuses the government took on monks.

Haggled from 40,000 each to 22,000 each for a boat and then she dropped us at a different spot than she said she would (1 bridge early) because of police (?)

Back to the hotel to find a good restaurant and it turned out DMZ was supposed to be good, based on Trip Advisor. Service had no idea what was going on and food was okay. #5 on trip advisor? Not anymore…Our server could hardly take our orders but she understood when I said their ranking was about to go down. Most got pizza or pasta to bulk up for a 14 hour train ride.


Jaipurs Holi Festival

That night I went to the Holi Festival which was supposed to have Elephants doing things like playing polo!

India 785India 792

But there were no elephants because of protestors. I guess the tug of war was too much for them, which is understandable. But at least let them show up and walk around! They were already painted and everything (I saw them at Amber Fort).

India 502

I thought I was at the wrong festival for a bit because there were no elephants but this had signs saying it was the official Jaipur festival. Tourists kept pouring in too, so I must have been in the right spot.They did not have nearly enough seats! So many people were standing everywhere that the people who did have seats had to stand on them to be able to see anything. In the end, I kept moving and got better and better spots until I was in the front row (people were either leaving because there were no elephants–I don’t know why, the music and performance were great–or going into the field after the parade). The parade was about 10 or 15 different groups from different regions of Rajasthan playing their areas music. The parade went left to right; I’m not sure why this is important, but the announcer kept saying it.

India 794 India 799 India 808 India 810 India 817 India 820 India 822 India 828 India 832 India 841 India 845 India 849 India 851 India 854 India 861 India 863 India 866 India 872

Because there were no elephants, the groups each did their own performance but people seemed confused by this as the announcer never said that everyone was going to perform. In the middle of the performances they had people do a turban tying competition, carry water on their heads, and a tug of war.

India 874 India 879 India 880 India 885 India 935

I ended up leaving early because the tour guide next to me had his group leave because he said after the people competed there would be nothing more but after I called my driver more people went on! I wasn’t going to call again, and everything was starting to sound a bit of the same. Plus I was tired of being in such large groups. Well, large drunk groups who were covered in paint–Holi was the next day, why were they covered today!

India 890 India 893 India 896 India 907 India 917 India 918 India 923 India 960 India 974 India 976

Also at the festival, there was a dog that got partially painted by an Australian guy which was really cute. I was sitting next to some Swedish people then and we could not stop laying with the dog. After I moved, there was a cute Indian boy who would not stop waving at me and the Russian lady next to me, but when his dad brought him over he didn’t look at us at all! Kid’s are weird. When he left, he kept waving. There was another Russian lady who slapped a kid for trying to sell her a henna tattoo. She then grabbed the girls arm and made her pose for a photo. Not a nice lady…Also some not nice English children who, when their parents told them to get off their phones and stop playing games and appreciate the festival (and then walked away), said to one another that they should go closer but sit in some way that their parents couldn’t see them so they could still be on their phones. The point of this is to show the diversity of the people there (and how you can’t really judge someone by their nationality).

India 806 India 901

Driving around India

I used Savvy Journeys who used TheRedDot to plan my trip though India and had a hired driver. I would have preferred to travel by train, but my parents freaked out at that idea, and I don’t want them to be too too worried (it didn’t really help). I was probably able to do more by having a driver, so it was good in the end. Plus, I had to be back by a certain time or miss my flight and days of work and be docked in pay so it’s good that I never had the opportunity to miss a train and be stranded for a bit.

Delhi to Pushkar

We left at 8am and I saw a pig cross the road, a bike and tuktuk on the highway! I didn’t know that they could go that fast! By 2:35pm we stopped for lunch and I realized that I had seen about a million things that shouldn’t be on the highway: cows, pigs, dogs, people walking, people pushing carts, motorcycles with 4 people on them without helmets, camels…However the big trucks were decked out in ways that I thought we super pretty! We did have to stop for about half an hour because of goats crossing the road!

India 010 India 014 India 018 India 020 India 026 India 029 India 033 India 048 India 056 India 058 India 060 India 061 India 085 India 088 India 095

Pushkar to Jaipur

This drive was beautiful–and I got to do 20 minutes of it 3 times! I realized that I left my hotel vouchers in Pushkar and we had to go back. So many mountains, turns in the road to follow them, a lake, a little town at the bottom…

India 429 India 433 India 435 India 436

After this there was a lot of industrial areas and marble manufacturing.

India 455 India 457 India 459

Jaipur to Agra

On this drive we had a tax stop which was interesting….people were outside selling things (ugly necklaces and nice bracelets which I would have liked to buy but didn’t like him at the window of the car) and there was a monkey that a man had on a chain who saluted me (it was pretty cute, but I’m not giving someone money for putting a monkey on a chain).

India 1274 India 1280

Agra to Delhi

Not much to say here that I didn’t already mention.

India 1592 India 1600 India 1602 India 1604


I walked from Omote-sando to Shibuya was pretty quick and had a lot of fashionable shops. Shibuya is one of the busiest intersections in the world. The walk toward Meiji Shrine is also filled with fashionable shops and people.

Tokyo 1 677

Tokyo 1 684 Tokyo 1 685

At Shibuya station there is a statue of a dog which, when his owner died at work, he returned to the subway everyday, waiting for his master to come back. It was super busy around the statue, with tons of people just standing there–I guess it is a big meeting point.

Tokyo 1 680