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Vinpearl Land

To get there we had to take a taxi for 20,000 dong each then go on a cable car (4 minutes) which is the longest one over water in the world at 3km long. It doesn’t stop so you have to hop on and off. On the way there we saw something carved into the mountain and the people going down it. So we went there first. It is called the alpine coaster and was like that ride I did in Germany where you control the speed. Had to go quite slow because the people in front of me did.

SE Asia 2031

Next we went on Roller Coaster twice, once at the front and again at the back and the back was scarier. Front felt like pushing while the back felt like dragging and like you were going to get thrown off. There was no line anywhere. We were then sweating quite a lot so we went to the waterpark.

10,000 for a locker and they put the key into a crayon-looking thing which went around your neck. We did Multi-slides 3 time, racing, black/space hole, kamikaze—they went twice, I went once because it is abusive!—tsunami slide too many times to count, flying boat twice, rafting slide 5 times, body slide twice and wave pool for a bit. The rafting slide and body slide had tubes which were painted like snakes and had slits of light coming though the pitch black so I thought it was quite fun. This was all in 2 hours. I fell out of flying boat and cut my elbow–so be careful!

Next we went to the aquarium which was really good for being included. There was a mermaid show and tunnel which a conveyor belt brought you though.

SE Asia 2053

Next was lunch at Lotteria. I ate leftovers from my train ride, followed by a fashion show.

SE Asia 2092SE Asia 2102

Then pirate ship, animal circus (depressing), 4d Aladdin movie, riding a bull, some arcade games (which I was terrible at), bumper cars (where I was a bull), swing carousel which tilted and evolution which had us hanging upside down for a longgg time. One of my friends freaked out in a very monotone way saying ‘oh my god. Oh my goodness’ so I correct him to say ‘oh my Buddha’ in-between laughing. We saw the sunset upside down.

SE Asia 2114

We then raced back to the alpine coaster and waited at the top so we could go faster. Still caught up with everyone.


Batu Caves

In the morning we went to the Batu Caves. The KL Kummuter costs 1 ringgit there are 2 ringgits back (that’s how they get you!). It takes about half an hour and leaves every half hour. No kissing on the trains!

KL 005

After we bought tickets there, I learned that the minimum wage is 5 ringgits an hour. If you work for one hour you can take a KL Kummuter from KL Sentral and back but not much more. Keep that in mind when things don’t seem to work properly, like only having one working gate taking tickets, or no working gates and just a guy taking tickets.

Upon arrival at the Batu Caves, you will have to cross a round-a-bout/rotary/traffic-circle/circle/whatever-you-want-to-call-it and then you can go straight in, past a few people trying to sell souvenirs and hats. There is a huge green Hanuman (monkey god) right past the first gate, and this was where we saw most of the monkeys. Many people gave them coconuts, but some were dumpster divers and pulled a bag of what looked like scrambled eggs out of a trash can for many monkeys to eat. There were even some babies attached to their mother. One shrine is right behind Hanuman, and another is in front to the left and up some stairs.

KL 021

Going past the little stairs, you will come to a pond with a fountain, and a parking lot for tour groups across from the huge golden statue of Hanuman. There were tons of pigeons there as well, and tourists were making them go crazy–shouldn’t they be used to it like the monkeys?

KL 118

From here, you can go up the stairs (260 steps) to the top to see the real part of the shrine, which is also filled with monkeys. You can go into the cave and there are two (?) shrines (and many more statues which could be shrines as well) and one you have to pay for. We did not do that as we could see into it and have no religious reason to go there, where people seemed to be praying heavily.

On the way back down the steps we stopped by the Dark Cave (to the right). It was recently conserved more and you can take a 45 minute tour or a 3 hour tour. We decided against that as that cost money and you probably would not be able to see much–it IS really dark, they have to give you a torch/flashlight.

After finishing the climb back down we tried some of the Southern Indian food there, and were not too impressed–either I don’t like Southern Indian food, Rawa Thosai (Onion Pancake), or the shop we went into (and probably the others as well) figured they didn’t have to try too hard at the tourist attraction. They also insisted on giving us chicken which we didn’t want and then charged us for it. I’d say don’t eat in the area and go for something more centrally (sentrally?) located.

Next we went to the KLCC.

Ueno Zoo

Ahhhh zoo! I love zoo’s. I know I shouldn’t, especially because of my experience at Everland, but this one is pretty cute. All the animals seemed happy enough and they had a lot of space.


Tokyo 1 074Tapir!

Tokyo 1 093Monkeys!

Tokyo 1 101Prairie Dogs

Tokyo 1 139Cranes!

Tokyo 1 149 Tokyo 1 159Seals and Sea Lions–one playing with some food and pissing the others off

Tokyo 1 171 Tokyo 1 173 Tokyo 1 178 Tokyo 1 182 Tokyo 1 183Polar Bears right after feeding time:

Tokyo 1 184And the best part: Pandas. During feeding time. Even though I didn’t see one doing a front flip like in the sign.

Tokyo 1 107 Tokyo 1 109 Tokyo 1 120 Tokyo 1 122