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Nha Trang

No problem on the overnight train. Went to bed around 10:00pm because everyone else in my car did and ended up being good because we didn’t get in to Nha Trang late, getting in just past 4:30am. It came to one screeching halt and I was scared (as the last overnight train I took when I was 16 in China went from being 12 hours to 24 hours due to mudslides) and fell back asleep to it moving.

Got to our hotel at 5:00am and 4 of 8 rooms were ready so we shared again and slept till about 8am. On the way to the hotel we saw the beach and tons of people working out.

Went to breakfast at 9 and it took quite a long time to get our food (turns out it was because our tour guide asked for the food to come when he was done playing pool with some of the people on the tour) from the sailing club. I got a frittata which was very oily and it was $5. Here I decided to spend the rest of the day at Vinpearl Land (amusement park) and got 3 others to join me.

Taxi back for 20,000 dong again and arrived at 7 when dinner was at 7:30. We went to the party area and walked into a sports bar where the lady was quite pushy and the music was loud so we left and went to Oasis where we ended up getting 4 free shots. Salad and beer for $3.50. After we talked to Red Apple because the lady boy at Oasis said it was good and it was decent. Buy one get one on cocktails. Then back to Oasis for our free drinks after 11:00. Home by 12:30 after trying to go to the beach party but they wanted over $5.00 so no. The beach should always be free.

Woke with a bit of a hangover from all the mixes but great weather so I signed up for snorkeling which picked us up at 8:35. Breakfast was a bit better than usual but terrible compared to what other people staying at the hotel got.

Left for dinner with the group at 4:50 and went to Yen which was on Trip Advisor and some went to yesterday. Spring rolls and lemon juice for 80,000 dong. I thought they weren’t going to be fried and then they were so I was a bit sad for my health but they were so good. Drink took a while.



After arriving 2 Canadians, an Australian and I got a cab for 2000 kayat each failed to find the Canadians hotel because it wasn’t open yet. Fail Agoda. We then listened to the Austrian who directed the cab to motherland which is supposed to be 7000 kayat for a single with free airport shuttle. Still free shuttle but 22000 for a single and far from everything. Paid 500 kayat  each to go to my area which looks like what I expect Kao San Road to be (it wasn’t). First place said 22000 kayat as well and no Wi-Fi. Finally found Mahabandoola which is 5 for single (sold out) for 10 for a double. I took it anyway. Free towel and soap. No plugs in the room but who wants my phone battery?

I walked outside to find the Austrian (the Canadians were having none of this area) and was asked to each English from 930-11. Okay, why not? Hopped on a truck, drove a block and talked to girls from 9-930 ranging from 16-42 and all ranges. They said I’m so dark I could be one of them. Then I thought with a mic and board for 40 minutes or so then more foreigners came and we talked in small groups. Then back to me and phonics for 10 minutes then I had each ask me 2 questions then class was finally over. So hard with so many levels and no books. I told them to watch local movies with English subs to help them learn. Called U Aung Hein Kyaw English Class. The monk was from Bahaddanata Dha-Maparala and said I can stay with him for free next time and his monastery has great views of the Shwedaron Pagoda. Not much to do in Yangon, so I was happy to teach.

SE Asia 1110

I went looking for the circle train and realized I needed sunblock. Then I fell and sliced my hand open.

Mailed the post card for 500 kayat each. They have yet to arrive after more than a month. Asked the same tour office for directions to the circle train station and he seemed annoyed I asked instead of booked anything with him. Sent me to the tourist info office who said it was now 2 USD to go on the next one was at 2:50. I felt like they should run more often but it wasn’t ever close to full except the one leaving after 5. It was still 1 USD.

SE Asia 1122

A monk kept asking for my number where I was going and saying he loved me. Can’t I tell a monk to f-off? He kept grabbing my hand and trying to play footsey. Once touched by boob. He left after 45 minutes. His friend didn’t even want to sit with him.

SE Asia 1124

The train was more dull than interesting but it was interesting to see that people dry their clothes next to /on the tracks, fly kites by the wind the train creates (or have teddy bears and are hugging them next to the train) and aren’t as aggressive as online says. No one came in the window to sell food. Kids even threw rocks at the train and some set off fireworks (one pissed off a pig bigger than the boy, causing the boy to run).  It took exactly 3 hours.

SE Asia 1155

Next I walked (got turned around once) to the Shwedagon Pagoda which is now either 5USD or 550o kyat (should be 4845 kayat) so they messed up the ‘updated’ price or just wanted to rip people off. Downstairs wanted to donation for shoe keeping. Halfway up was pointless security (I guess because they had airport like walk through but everyone got waved though) then you pay entry and I was told my shorts are too short which is incorrect because they go my knees and they wouldn’t listen to a word about making them longer. Had to leave my shoes and take a skirt making my goal of leaving though another exit pointless. I saw other people inside with short shorts on.

Pagoda is overrated. Very crowded. Wi-Fi. …lots of extra lights so every picture is over-exposed-crap pretty much.

SE Asia 1168

I then walked a bit to get a cab which was 2000 kayat back to the hostel. I tried to find chips but have had no luck and got egg cake and lime juice from Tokyo donuts. Cake was heavy and 500 kayat, juice was a confusing order, I guess and 1000 kayat.

Woke at 530 am for my 830 flight. Had to wake boys sleeping on the floor to open the gate in front of the door. I saw a cockroach in my room too. I got the most senior cab driver who had to wake the others. He told me the US decided to attack Syria (which they didn’t) and then asked tons of English questions. 7000 kayat.

Have to show proof to get in-inside, just like New Delhi (and a lot of Souteast Asia). Security level 1 is passed before going to check in and get your ticket. I was too early to check in though, Met Alicia from the US and Ken from Australia in line and chatted with them. Checked in, changed money to get 44USD back. Immigration with a new guy so it took quite a long time, breakfast of eggs and lime juice for 7USD, security and then waiting with Alicia and Ken again. Ken had a Bangkok subway map and seemed to know his way around while Alicia had stayed in my area before so it was nice to get to know them.

This weekend I did a hike from Jangsan subway to Songjeong Beach to Haedong Yonggungsa Water Temple.

We started to follow these directions to Songjeong and these to Haedong Yonggungsa Water Temple but the Koreans with us kept asking people along the way and then changed course multiple times….so below is what we actually did.

From exit 1of Jangsan, turn right for a bit (past what I think was a school because it had tons of kids toys out front) and then left at the big intersection and follow that until you are at the top of a hill. This will all be though apartment complexes.

From the top of the hill turn left and go uphill on the wooden path next to the road. We got to the top of that and were told we had to go back because it is ‘too dangerous’ to go down the way I wanted. This was from Koreans, and most of us agreed that it probably was not dangerous at all (in a country where you’re not allowed to go in the ocean more than 20 feet and have to wear a life vest at water parks, something being ‘dangerous’ could be exaggerated) but some people were wearing flip-flops and the Koreans with us didn’t want to go that way.

HIke to Temple 001

Here we went back to the start of the wooden path and went down some steps and followed the road, veering left and following the road past some seafood restaurants until it ended and we climbed over some rocks to get to a railroad we had to walk next to for a bit. A train came which was pretty scary (and hot) and we saw a sign later saying there is a 10,000,000 won fine for walking there (although at the place we started it was obvious that many people did this and the sign there just said ‘danger, keep a look out and don’t walk on the tracks’).

HIke to Temple 011 HIke to Temple 016

When we could, we stopped walking next to the tracks and followed another road along the coast until we got to Songjeong Beach.

HIke to Temple 026We hung out here for a bit and listened to funny announcements, such as ones telling us that this beach is for relaxing, and no ball playing is allowed or another one saying that if you take your pet into the water it will confuse other people so don’t do it.

From the other end of the beach walk left (if you go right you will go around a little island) and walk along the street until you get to a CU. We went behind it and downhill to another fishing village and kept going as straight as we could. At one point the paved road ends and becomes a dirt road, then there are some pipes we thought were for sewage which you have to jump over and walk along a very dirty beach. After that you go into a wooded area which has the trail. I wanted to keep going past the CU and turn in when the wooded area started, so if you want to skip the fishing villages and jumping over a sewage line you can try that.

HIke to Temple 034

From here we went around the coast and saw a few military buildings and a look out point.

HIke to Temple 058 HIke to Temple 070 HIke to Temple 073

To get to the temple we had to wiggle under a gate. I’m sure there was a way to not have to do this as we saw some people coming from that way and signs inside saying to go a different way than the one we came, but oh well.


When I first arrived in Tokyo I got off the train taking me from the airport at Nippori and explored while trying to head to Ueno park and zoo. I got lost. Tokyo turned me around so many times while I was walking around and that’s only happened a few times in my life before. I can normally look at a map and know exactly when I’m going…but not in Tokyo.

Anyway, as I was walking I found more and more temples. Don’t know the names of any of them, because the map that I took a picture of gets blurry when I zoom in.

Tokyo 1 036 Tokyo 1 042

Tokyo 1 059 Tokyo 1 066

There is a really cute shopping street too. It didn’t seem like they saw a lot of foreigners because all the old ladies were really excited to see me and practice their English.

Tokyo 1 049 Tokyo 1 054

In this market I bought a gift for a friend (some cute snack food) and there was tons of random things to buy, but, it being Tokyo, everything was expensive. I’m also freaked out by any store with the Chinese lucky cat because of Sherlock (BBC), and there were tons of those (both here in Nippori and everywhere)