The homestay (Phoungja Homestay) was a cute house and all the money they get they share with the village. Food was included but we had to pay for drinks–$0.75 for soda, $1 for beer and $0.50 for water—which were the cheapest were seen. Dinner was great and there was so much—pancake with beansprouts (then let people try to make them but after the first person they gave up half the work so I only poured), rice, meat, green beans, spring rolls and wantons. Desert of bananas and pineapple.

SE Asia 1770


We talked a lot especially about passports and Sit showed us a trick with paper and writing heaven and hell. One girl in the group had troubles remember peoples names so she gave everyone nicknames and mine was 2 legged lexicon (encyclopedia) which I quite like.

Slept under a mosquito net which I have no problem with but many were worried. One person kept hitting wall to kill bugs inside the net and said hers had holes and another was worried about the rat we saw. I had a grasshopper inside that I had to kick out and in the morning I saw he had been eaten by a lizard. Felt a bit bad about that.

Woke up early due to turkeys and rooster but fell back asleep until 6:45 or so. Took some pics around and after breakfast finally found the turkeys which were huge and I think intimidated by me because they blew up their bodies and then ran away. Breakfast was 2 eggs in omelet from a nice loaf of bread and bananas. I’m not a fan of their tea. They had many dogs (only one friendly), geese, chickens, roosters, turkeys and hammocks.

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